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The tricky ticks of time

A tortoise in a field of grass with small white daisies

Something I've noticed the last few weeks is the malleability of time and how easily it changes with my headspace. It almost feels magical.

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Too many rosters

How many timetables, rosters and schedules are you on? That question makes me stop and pause, because (quite concerningly) I don’t actually know the answer.

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My mid-semester paper doesn’t exist in front of the fire

I think one of my greatest refuge places is to sit in front of a fire. I grew up in the Adelaide Hills where fireplaces and bonfires were really common, so there’s a sentimental aspect to it. Watching the flickering flames and hearing the crackling of the wood is just a really tranquil place for me. It’s a place where day to day troubles don’t exist, it’s just me and the fire I’m watching.

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How we manage our time (or fail to)

Time, and attempting to manage it, can be a difficult thing. 

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