Too many rosters

How many timetables, rosters and schedules are you on? That question makes me stop and pause, because (quite concerningly) I don’t actually know the answer.

Off the top of my head I thought it was probably five or six. When I wrote them down to check, I confirmed that it was six, so I was pretty close. I know that these rosters are a really good idea, after all, many hands make light work. That being said, I’ve found rosters don’t work when I’m not up to date with them and don’t know when I’m actually rostered.

That’s been my big issue, I don’t have a place where all these rosters are stored. Which means I don’t regularly check when I’m supposed to be somewhere. This obviously means I tend to be late or miss some of these rosterings. In addition to rosters, all of my commitments seem to change on a weekly basis. Psychology tutorials happen on an irregular basis. I’ve also planned to go into court to get better acquainted with how to present.

I have (through some advice) come up with a solution to my rostering issue though! I’ve added a new tab to my 'deconstructed diary’  for rosters, and I’ve printed out a hard copy of all the rosters I’m on.

I also made a roster check sheet to make sure I don’t miss any shifting weekly commitments. I’ve already been making a concerted effort to plan my week out in advance on Sunday afternoon, so I’ll just go over these sheets then and that should mean I can better manage my time.

Checking rosters on Sunday will also allow me to confirm whether I am on too many rosters, and need to drop some of these commitments. This may all sound like common sense, but for me it's a practical tip that I just needed someone to tell me!

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