Success Tips for Study

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Part of being a successful student is knowing and practicing the study habits that work for you.

Having an understanding of what strategies work will enable you to study more efficiently and effectively. Some of what works will be individual to you, but there are some general strategies that tend to be useful for most students.


Below you will find three common blocks (barriers and misconceptions) that can minimise our success as students.

  • Procrastination

    Sometimes when we feel overwhelmed and stressed with an assignment, we might put it off to do something else less stressful. While this can feel better momentarily, procrastination can lead us to feel more stressed as time starts running out! Instead, try something different and find out how Studiosity can help. Studiosity is a free, after-hours online study tool for all UoA coursework students available through MyUni.

  • Difficulty with time management

    Juggling workloads for multiple subjects can be challenging. If we haven’t worked out effective time management strategies then we don't produce our highest quality work. We are also more likely to feel stressed and burnt out. 

  • Not taking breaks

    When we have so much work to do, it is often tempting to work as hard as we can. This might mean that we don’t take breaks and give ourselves time to rest and feel refreshed. This can lead to procrastination and an increase in stress levels.


Below are three things you can do to boost success.

  • Develop time management skills

    Learning how to effectively manage your workload and time is crucial to your study success. Getting a diary or a planner can be a useful first step to improving your time management skills (see the resources tab on the study tips page for study planner downloads). Schedule in your fixed commitments (e.g. lectures), assignment due dates and free time. By doing this, you will be able to see that all your commitments have a time and place. Learn some further skills to manage your time.

  • Create balance in your life

    Having a balance between work and rest is important to be a successful student. Taking regular study breaks (every 40-60 mins) is key. It allows your mind to absorb and process information. It is also important to ensure you take time out from study each day. This will allow you to refresh, manage stress and provide a balance that will enable you to sustain your efforts over your entire degree. Learn more on finding balance.   

  • Know your study strengths and what works for you

    Consider when you have been most effective with your study. Were you in a quiet environment? Or listening to music? Or had the hum of conversation in the background? Perhaps you noticed you do your best work in the afternoon rather than the morning? Or maybe you absorb information more effectively through images rather than words. Knowing what works for you means you can work more efficiently.

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