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Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the University of Adelaide!
This page has information for students who have just returned from an exchange experience. There is useful information on how to settle back in to life, as well as details on how to finalise your exchange credit transfer back to the University of Adelaide.
  • Re-adjusting to Life in Adelaide

    Adjusting to life back at home can be a similar experience to life when you first started your exchange adventure. It is not unusual to feel disorientated when you return home. In many ways, home may not have changed much, but YOU have.

    Have a look here for useful information on how you may feel in a new environment. Remember that much of the same applies to re-adjusting to at home.

  • Reverse Culture Shock

    Culture shock on arrival in your host country is something for which many students prepare for. You expect differences and mentally prepare for this. "Re-entry" or "reverse" culture shock is not something that you expect when you return home and yet it is this lack of expectation that can make it more stressful.

    It is important for you to realise that coming home can be a challenging experience. You have just returned from the adventure of your life-time. Yet while you were away, things have changed back home as well. All the "moving on" can result in you feeling a little disjointed, or out of place at home.

    You may experience restlessness, depression, anxiety, boredom, uncertainty, reverse homesickness, changes in goals, etc. You may even want to leave Australia again event though you have just returned home.

    Here are some tips that may help you re-adjust to life at home:

    • Realise that you can't change people.
    • Talk about the experience, but respect that not everyone wants to hear it.
    • But seek out people who do want to hear about it.
    • Write about it.
    • Keep connected with those that you've met abroad.
    • Get out of the house.
    • Move on with your life.
    • Establish a schedule.
    • Seek out new experiences.
    • Keep positive.
    If you still find it a struggle to adjust to being back home, remember that University of Adelaide offers a professional and confidential Counselling Support to assist with any stress, anxiety, confusion and adjustment issues you may be experiencing. Check out UniThrive to find ways to stay positive and connect back with Uni life.

    If you still feel the need to travel back and study overseas, consider Study Tours. This is a great option to take a course during one of the term breaks.
  • Counselling Support

    Are you having trouble settling back into study at University of Adelaide? Do you need someone to talk to? University of Adelaide Counselling Support is free and confidential and is available to all enrolled students seeking to address issues that may be affecting their study and life. Feel free to make an appointment to discuss your concerns with qualified counsellors.

    For support, visit the UniThrive website for tips to help to improve your wellbeing, overcome problems, have fun and boost performance at Uni.

  • Career Opportunities/Career Services

    Now you have gained an unforgettable exchange experience, it is time to utilise it for your future career. If you're not sure how, come and find out at University of Adelaide Careers Service.

    • Attend events, workshops and seminars to get connected with industry and find employment opportunities.
    • Use the CareerHub.
    • Receive advice from Careers.
  • Academic Matters

    At the conclusion of your exchange, your academic transcript will be sent directly to the University of Adelaide.

    Please note: we do not request transcripts to be sent to us urgently from host universities unless one full semester has passed since the end of the exchange.

    If you receive an exchange transcript direct from your host university, send it directly to Study Overseas for verification. Your Faculty will not accept transcripts from students directly.

    You must complete any returnee surveys and reflections visible in GLAS at the conclusion of your program in order to have your transcript sent to your Faculty for the transfer of appropriate credit.

    Please note: we do not process transcripts for full year exchanges until we have received transcripts for both semesters of the exchange.

    It will be the responsibility of you and your Faculty office to determine what of your transcript is creditable (in line with your faculty approval before you departed) and have credit applied to your Adelaide record.

    If you require a hard copy of your transcript and it is not automatically issued by your host institution, you will need to contact that institution directly to obtain one.

    Students in their last year of study should be aware that due to overseas processing times, on occasion transcripts are received after the anomalies deadline for graduations and your eligibility to graduate may not be finalised until the following round. We will not request transcripts to be expedited from the host university in order for students to graduate in their preferred ceremony.

    Transfer of credit

    The individual courses which you take overseas, and the results which you receive for them, will NOT appear on your University of Adelaide transcript. Upon successful completion, you will receive a grade of "NFE" (No Formal Examination) on your Adelaide transcript for the international exchange in which you are enrolled, along with a comment indicating that status has been awarded for studies elsewhere.

  • What You Need To Do Now

    Complete your returnee tasks in GLAS
    You must complete any returnee surveys and reflections visible in GLAS at the conclusion of your program in order to have your transcript released to you and your Faculty for the transfer of appropriate credit. 

    Get involved with the Adelaide University Exchange Student Network (ESN)
    ESN is a student-run organisation, part of the Clubs Association, that helps inbound exchange students settle in and returned exchange student re-engage with the University community through various social activities.

  • What Will My University of Adelaide Transcript Look Like?

    Upon successful completion of your exchange courses your Adelaide transcript you will receive a grade of "NFE" (No Formal Examination) for the international exchange in which you completed, along with a comment indicating that status has been awarded for studies elsewhere.

  • Share Your Experiences

    Tell us about it!
    We encourage you to explore options for promoting exchange at University of Adelaide and we hope that you will consider becoming a mentor for international exchange students as you continue here for your studies.

    Share via Social Media
    Share your amazing stories and photos with University of Adelaide students through our Study Overseas Facebook page and Instagram (use #uaoverseas to tag your posts!).

    Photo Competition

    Each year we receive hundreds of amazing entries for our photo competition. Keep your eyes posted for details about the 2019 comp.

    Bragging Rites
    The Bragging Rites event provides University of Adelaide students with an excellent opportunity to meet with other returned exchange students at Adelaide and build a wider network. Details will be sent to your student email to get involved with Bragging Rites.

    Get Involved
    So you have had an amazing time overseas and now you want to share those experiences? Visit our Get Involved page to find opportunities to volunteer with Study Overseas and our student groups to meet new people and to share you experience with!

  • Questions?

    Please contact Study Overseas for further assistance.

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