Equine Pre-purchase Examinations

The Equine Health & Performance Centre offer pre-purchase examinations to ensure your new horse is fit for purpose and has a personality to match.

Pre-purchase examinations or 'vet checks' are an important process when contemplating buying a horse. There are two different types of pre-purchase exams - a 'limited' or 2 stage exam, and a 'comprehensive' or 5 stage exam. We recommend that a vet check is performed on any potential purchase, as it can often highlight problems that you may not have considered prior to acquiring your horse.


We can also offer several additional procedures to help determine whether your horse is suitable for your needs. These include: radiography, upper and lower airway endoscopy, overground endoscopy, electrocardiography (ECG) and ultrasonography.

It is beneficial for the horse to come into the Equine Health & Performance Centre for this service, as certain conditions are required to complete the most thorough examination of your new horse.

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