Respiratory evaluations at a markedly reduced rate until the end of October 2019!

Photos of Equine Asthma in Horses

Mild to moderate equine asthma has been identified as one of the main causes of poor performance (including reduced willingness to go forward) in race, pleasure and sport horses. It is a multifactorial syndrome, with a poorly defined cause and affects adult horses, of any age and breed. 

If your horse is coughing, even if it is just occasionally such as once or twice at the start of exercise, while eating, during free exercise in the paddock or if it demonstrates increased respiratory effort at rest, prolonged recovery after exercise or is not performing as well as expected, he/she may be suffering from Equine Asthma. 

In May 2019 Dr Surita Du Preez one of our medicine specialist at the Equine Health & Performance Centre gave a presentation to horse owners at the Horse SA Northern Forum on Equine Asthma.  If you were unable to attend, please download her presentation, which is attached below.

The Equine Health and Performance Centre will be offering respiratory evaluations at a markedly reduced rate until the end of October 2019 as part of a student research project. 

Don’t wait any longer to improve your horse’s respiratory health. Call the EHPC on 08 8313 1999, extension 2 to discuss any concerns you may have or find out more.

Equine Asthma Horse SA Presentation 2019

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