New Equine and Livestock vehicles come to you

New Vehicle

New distinct branding provides a professional connection between The University of Adelaide and the Equine and Production Animal Centres. Both Centres have two fully equipped vehicles to service livestock and horses on farm or property visits.

Recently branded vehicles with purpose built canopies carry equipment and supplies for farm and property visits in the Roseworthy and surrounding regions. If you are a new or seasoned livestock farmer or horse owner we can come to you. The vehicles have climate controlled storage facilities for temperature sensitive medications, secure spaces and compartments to keep equipment safe and easily accessible.

The two cab vehicle allows veterinarians, technicians and students to attend on farm or property call outs for individual livestock equine or intensive animal services. The vehicles are robust to accommodate most terrains. If you need an equine or livestock vet give us a call.

To find out more information about Equine and Livestock field calls click on the links below.  

Equine Field Calls

Livestock Field Calls

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