Dr Bodie Rodman

Dr Bodie Rodman

MBBS 2014
Elected Member - Faculty of Health Sciences

Bodie Rodman is a Palawa man from Tasmania who graduated with MBBS from the University of Adelaide 2014. His passions include improving health outcomes for disadvantaged communities, improving health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, medical education, clinical governance and internal medicine.

Dr Rodman is an original member of the Flinders and Adelaide University Indigenous Medical Mentoring group, and member of the Australian Indigenous Doctors Association.

For nearing two decades, he has volunteered with St John Ambulance and currently holds a Commissioned Officer appointment. He is a Member of the Executive Management Committee of the Australasian Institute of Emergency Services.

He has been awarded Teaching of Excellence awards from the University of Adelaide and University of Tasmania. He is the youngest in Australia to be admitted, and later promoted, to Officer of the Most Venerable Order of The Hospital of St John of Jerusalem (OStJ).