Alumni Fellow Awards

The Alumni Fellow awards recognise alumni who have made a significant contribution to the advancement of the University of Adelaide's Alumni Relations program.

Prior to 2007 the awards were titled Alumni Association Fellow and recognised the contribution of alumni to the former Alumni Association.

Nominations for the 2022 Alumni Fellow Award are now closed. For further information please contact the Alumni Relations team at, +61 8 8313 5800. 


2021 Alumni Fellows

Associate Professor Wayne Boardman

Associate Professor Wayne Boardman 

Senior Lecturer in Wildlife & Conservation Medicine and One health Biosecurity, University of Adelaide

Wayne is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Animal and Veterinary Science and was instrumental in establishing the Roseworthy Veterinary Alumni (RVA) Network. Wayne continues to provide support to the committee through his university and industry knowledge.

Marilyn Seidel

Marilyn Seidel

BA 1986

Marilyn has dedicated countless hours furthering the success of the University through volunteering.

A member of the University’s bequest committee, the ‘Hughes Society Committee’ and serving as Chair for the past six years, Marilyn helped to engage fellow alumni and promote the Society.

Marilyn has also supported the University’s international students through the ‘Talking with Aussies’ program and has participated in undergraduate programs within the School of Oral Health for many years as a volunteer patient.

Dr Cher-Lynn Soh

Dr Cher-Lynn Soh

PhD (Bio Sc) 2016

Graduating in 2018, Cher-Lynn and fellow alumni Reuben Jacob were instrumental in establishing the Sciences Alumni

Network (SAN). Cher-Lynn became Vice-President of the committee and remains in this position.

Cher-Lynn served on the mentoring sub-committee and dedicated time to the Network’s social media planning and posting.

Cher-Lynn also served on the Young Alumni Network committee.

Reuben Jacob

Reuben Jacob

B Sc (Biotech) 2008, B Sc (Hons) 2009

Graduating in 2009, Reuben and fellow alumni Cher-Lynn Soh established the Sciences Alumni Network (SAN). Reuben became the President of SAN and remains in this position. SAN provides a platform for alumni to connect with their University in a meaningful way and fosters interdisciplinary networking, promotes peer to peer mentoring and enables opportunities for alumni professional and personal development. SAN runs various events throughout the year including a mentoring program that connect alumni from around the globe.

In 2021, Reuben also became the Elected Member – Faculty of Sciences for the Alumni Council.

  • 2019 Alumni Fellows

    Judge Katrina Bochner
    In recognition of her work as Chair of the John Bray Law Alumni Network (JBLAN).

    Lorraine Caruso
    In recognition of her work as President of the Adelaide MBA Alumni Committee.

    Ann Davis
    In recognition of her contribution to London based, South Australian Universities Alumni Europe (SAUAE) committee.

  • 2018 Alumni Fellows

    David Coyner
    In recognition of his contribution to the Roseworthy Old Collegian Association

    Dr Helen McLean
    In recognition of her contribution to the University of Adelaide’s philanthropic and alumni relations program

    Ram Gerthi
    In recognition of his contribution to the Adelaide University Alumni Association Singapore

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