Adelaide Nursing School Alumni Network (ANSAN)

Our network aims to support, nurture and develop Adelaide Nursing School alumni through networking opportunities and professional development.

Graduates of Adelaide Nursing School automatically become members of the Adelaide Nursing School Alumni Network.

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Upcoming network events



Adelaide Nursing School Alumni Network webinar

Our next ANSAN webinar on the global voice of nursing will feature David Stewart, from the International Council of Nurses on Tuesday 26 March, 6-7 pm as a zoom webinar.

  • Past webinars

    ANSAN Webinar Series 2023

    Webinar 3 - Sustainable Nursing Practice, speakers: Sara Fleming, Nurse Practitioner, Paediatric Palliative Care and Isla Woidt, Strategic Lead, Worker Wellbeing, Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health.

    Webinar 2 - Voluntary Assisted Dying, alumni speakers: Emily Pumpa, Nursing Director, SA Voluntary Assisted Dying Care Navigator, SALHN.

    Webinar 1 - 2022 Nursing Leadership, Driving the Future of Health care, alumni speakers: Christine Economos, Advanced Nursing Director, Corporate Nursing, Strategy and Workforce for CALHN and Associative Professor Rachel Kornhaber, University of Tasmania, (Sydney campus).

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