Australia Day Honours

A significant number of our alumni have been recognised for contributions to their field and their community.

Australia Day Honours 2024

  • Officer of the Order of Australia (AO)

    The Hon. Justice Jenny May Blokland LL B 1980, LL M (Gen St) 1990
    For distinguished service to the judiciary, to the law, to professional associations, and to the community.

    Bruce James Carter B Ec 1979
    For distinguished service to business, to charitable organisations, and to the community.

    Professor Sarah Anne Robertson B Sc 1983, Ph D (Sc) 1993
    For distinguished service to medical research, particularly reproductive biology and immunology, and to professional societies.

    Professor Fiona Wood AM D Univ 2017
    For distinguished service to plastic and reconstructive surgery, to medical research, and as clinician scientist and mentor.

  • Member of the Order of Australia (AM)

    Emeritus Professor Leigh Alexander Burgoyne B Ag Sc 1962, B Ag Sc (Hons) 1963, Ph D (Sc) 1968
    For significant service to science, particularly through the development of DNA technologies.

    Brigid Anne Coombe Grad Dip Nurs Sc (Commun Hlth) 2011, M Nursing Sc (Comm Hlth & PC) 2013
    For significant service to community health, particularly through advocacy to improve abortion care access.

    Professor Roy Herbert Green LL B 1974, B A 1975, B A (Hons) 1976
    For significant service to business, and to tertiary education in the fields of science, technology and innovation.

    John Irving B Ec 1978
    For significant service to the arts, and to business.

    Katherine (Kate) Jill Sky Llewellyn B A 1978
    For significant service to literature as an author and poet.

    The Late Dr James Richard May B E (Met & Chem) 1958
    For significant service to mining research and governance, and to the community.

    Richard (Rick) John Persse M B A 1999
    For significant service to public administration, and to the community of South Australia.

    Dr Gordon Henry Stewart Pike B E (Mech) (Hons) 1971
    For significant service to engineering, and to the aerospace industry.

  • Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM)

    George Belperio
    For service to the Italian community of South Australia.

    Associate Professor Ian James Bickerton B A (Hons) 1961
    For service to tertiary education, and to mental health support organisations.

    Andrew Holden Buttfield B Tech 1963
    For service to Australian and international Indigenous communities.

    John Clifford Chapman M B A 2005
    For service to public administration in South Australia. Government of South Australia.

    Cyril (David) Cockshell B Sc 1974, B Sc (Hons) 1975
    For service to the community through a range of organisations, and to geophysics.

    Dr Barry Elsey University Titleholder 
    For service to tertiary education.

    Councillor Mary-Lou Jarvis LL B 1983
    For service to local government, and to the community.

    Dr Johanna Lammersma M B B S 1980
    For service to the community through a range of roles.

    Dr Christine Longman Grad Dip Al & Drug St
    For service to medicine through a range of roles.

    Nicola (Nic) Circe Minicozzi LL B 1973
    For service to the Italian community of South Australia.

    Francis (Frank) Joseph O'Neill, University staff member 1982-1997
    For service to the community through a range of organisations.

    Dr David Arley Squirrell M B B S 1979
    For service to people with disability, and to the community.

    Dr Christopher Lex Watson B Ag Sc 1957
    For service to the community of Belconnen.

    Ralph Clayton Wiese B Sc 1963
    For service to secondary education, and to cricket.

  • Public Service Medal (PSM)

    Professor Robert Alwyn Fitridge M B B S 1983, M S 1996
    For outstanding public service in the provision of vascular surgery and high-quality care for patients in public hospitals.

  • Conspicuous Service Medal (CSM)

    Dr Alison Kim Kaine Ph D (Med) 2016
    For meritorious achievement in the field of sensitive and strategic personnel case management in the Australian Army.

  • Past recipients

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