History and Public Policy: Learning from Hugh Stretton

Professor Hugh Stretton AC. (Photo: The Advertiser)

Professor Hugh Stretton AC.
(Photo: The Advertiser)

Hugh Stretton (1924–2015) had a profound impact on the way we live and learn. He was one of Australia’s leading public intellectuals and social-democratic thinkers. He was renowned and respected widely for his work and writings in public policy, cities, housing, economics, history, and the social sciences.  
Hugh Stretton AC.

This Stretton Institute webinar, presented with the Department of History, will explore Hugh Stretton’s academic and professional legacy and his contribution to the discipline of History and to public policy. We will ask how and why he coupled his understanding of history with his work in diverse areas of public policy, how he arrived at his convictions, and what can we learn from his enduring legacy.

The webinar will be introduced by Associate Professor Katie Barclay, Head of the Department of History, and facilitated by Professor Adam Graycar, Director of the Stretton Institute. The presenters, Emeritus Professor Graeme Davison AO and Associate Professor Lionel Orchard, were colleagues of the late Hugh Stretton.


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