A Circular Economy towards Sustainability

Jodie Bricout

How you can be a part of a future where we produce, deliver and consume goods and services more sustainably.

You’ve probably heard of the term ‘circular economy’ before, but what does it actually mean?

A circular economy is an approach to economic development that is designed to benefit businesses, society, and the environment.  At their core, circular approaches aim to develop better ways of making, delivering and using goods and services so that they last longer by being shared, repaired, repurposed or remanufactured.  And it’s much more than just recycling!

Join us for a discussion led by internationally recognised circular economy expert and researcher, Jodie Bricout, as we delve into what a circular economy is and how we, as the next generation of business leaders, can help organisations to operate more sustainably.

Meet our panel of experts:

Jodie Bricout – Adjunct Senior Lecturer, University of Adelaide, and Circular Economy Expert, Advocate and Researcher

Jodie is a globally recognised expert, researcher and advocate in circular economy and life cycle thinking. She has two decades of experience working with industry, researchers and policy makers in Australia, Dubai and Europe. Read more

Gabrielle Kelly AM - Chief Advisor, Climate Action, Green Industries South Australia

Gabrielle was an early leader in the global climate change debate, making award winning documentaries for the BBC. A leader in the implementation of building wellbeing at scale, she works with industry to strengthen the capacity for change. Read more.

Adam Faulkner - Executive, Circular Economy, LMS Energy

A trusted government adviser and expert in the resource and energy recovery industry, Adam has over two decades of national experience. He sits on the committee of the Waste Management Association of Australia. Read more.

Mary Kelly - Founder, Reusably

An innovation ecosystem leader and startup founder, Mary works to grow SA startups from ideation to scaling and growth. With a passion for sustainability and fostering innovation, her startup addresses single use plastic waste through a tech-based circular economy solution. Read more.

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