Young Alumni Network Hydrogen Webinar

You may have encountered the term 'Green Hydrogen' before, but have you truly grasped its significance and the possibilities it holds to shape a sustainable future?

This event will explore the world of Green Hydrogen, aiming to unveil an understanding of its essence, the intricacies of its production processes, and, its capacity to steer us toward a sustainable tomorrow.

Join us for an enlightening discussion on "Green Hydrogen: Shaping a Sustainable Future," led by Rudy Gomez, a distinguished Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, and the Executive Chairman at RMG Hydrogen Technologies Pty. Ltd.

Keynote speakers and alumni panel

Rudy Gomez B Tech, M Sc
Executive Chairman, RMG Hydrogen Technologies Pty. Ltd.

Rudy's journey spans two decades of innovation, marked by breakthroughs in metal extraction, novel energy solutions, clean coal technologies, water disinfection, and materials grinding. His exploration unveiled the Carrapateena iron oxide, copper-golduranium-rare earth deposit in South Australia, propelling him toward technology development. With 46 world patents, Rudy shows ingenuity in reshaping the mining and energy landscape.

Dr Sylvia Edifor Ph D (Proc & Res E)
Process Engineer, H2U - the Hydrogen Utility

A self-motivated chemical and process engineer with over 5 years R&D experience in renewable energy and waste-to-energy technologies, and a passion for reducing carbon footprints. Sylvia is currently responsible for providing engineering and technical support on H2U’s green hydrogen and ammonia projects - right from the initial design concepts through to construction, commissioning and operations including process engineering modelling, simulation, and digitalisation.

Jun Udagawa B Sc, B E (Mech)
Manager of Hydrogen Technology Development, RMG Hydrogen Technologies Pty. Ltd.

Jun has a PhD in Engineering (Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Technologies) from the Imperial College London, and a double degree from The University of Adelaide in Mechanical Engineering and Physics, as well as pivotal publications focused on steam electrolysis and solid oxide electrolysis cells. This knowledge alongside his diverse career, has taken him from being a Market Analyst in the UK, to pioneering Fuel Cell Power System R&D in Toshiba, Japan, and now to engaging in Hydrogen Development in Australia, epitomizing a dedication to advancing renewable energy.


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