Continuing Legal Education: Mindfulness and Lawyer Wellbeing

Legal professionals often overlook the impact of mounting workloads, multiple demands and highly stressful environments on their ability to perform. Mindfulness can turn these workplace challenges into opportunities by helping us to work with our innate qualities, be less reactive and appreciate different perspectives for healthier workplace interactions.  

Professor Telfer will introduce participants to mindfulness, the positive benefits of being mindful, why mindfulness is relevant for the legal profession and how it can help improve lawyer well-being. The session will focus on mindfulness practices and strategies and how these practices can work with emotional intelligence topics.

Professor Thomas Telfer's research and teaching interests include bankruptcy and commercial law, contracts, legal history and mindfulness. He was awarded a Teaching Fellowship to develop mindfulness and mental health education initiatives and since 2019 has offered Mindfulness and the Legal Profession as an academic credit course at Western University. He is a frequent speaker on the subject and has facilitated over 100 workshops for professionals and students.

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