AHCAN Scholarship

AHCAN Professional Development Scholarship


The Scholarship aims to assist young graduates/emerging professionals to advance to the next stage of their careers.

This prestigious award, offered biennially under the auspices of the University of Adelaide and the Art Gallery of South Australia, is targeted at recipients who are:

  • At 5- to 7-year mark
  • Curator in art sector or
  • Higher degree postgraduate in art history

The scholarship aims to provide the recipient up to one month of concentrated work as an intern at a key national (Australian or overseas) institution:

  • Working alongside senior curators
  • Working outside their usual work environment
  • Refining their professional skills
  • Consolidating their knowledge base
  • Widening their professional network

The scholarship will cover the costs of transport, board, lodging and incidentals only. The recipient is responsible to resolve/arrange other issues with current employer: (study) leave, (ongoing) salary, and continuing employment.

If you would like to find out more please email Alumni Relations.