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South Australian Veterinary Workforce Survey

The Roseworthy Veterinary Alumni (RVA) Network has undertaken a remuneration analysis for South Australian veterinarians. This report was inspired by the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) 2021 Workforce Survey, and considered the following:

  • The fields in which South Australian veterinarians are employed
  • On what basis South Australian veterinarians are employed, and how many hours they work each week; and
  • How South Australian veterinarians are remunerated.

Thank you to the 266 participants who responded to the RVA’s workforce survey.  Your contributions have been invaluable in generating our findings.

Read the report

Lumen stories

Over the years we have featured alumni from the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences in our Lumen magazine. Read some of the stories below.

lumen Summer 2020

The road to bushfire recovery

Read about Liberty's experience on Kangaroo Island during the 2019-2020 bushfires

lumen Winter 2019

Pip Edwards: Preparing pups for community service

Read about Pip's passion for training man's best friend.

lumen Summer 2018

School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences - ten years producing world class graduates

The people and passion behind SA’s only vet school

lumen Spring 2017

Vet students impress in Africa

Dehorning rhinos, rescuing injured lions and capturing wild buffalo for disease checks are just a few of the unique activities that can be experienced by University of Adelaide veterinary students in a fascinating final-year elective.

lumen Autumn 2017

Research to protect Loskop's leopards

Declan Morris has been fascinated by big cats and their conservation since his first zoo visit as a child.

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Latest news from the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences



Celebrating the life and legacy of John Stanley Davies

The University of Adelaide is celebrating the life and legacy of John Stanley Davies, who bequeathed the organisation $2 million in property after his death in 1968, with an event happening on 17 August at the District Hall in Spalding.



Science communicators boost the visibility of Uni of Adelaide research

Six University of Adelaide scientists have each won the inaugural Science Communication Prize for increasing the visibility of the University’s scientific research and capabilities, while boosting the profile and accessibility of their own work. 



Why are dogs scared of the vet and what can I do to help?

Investigating the bark side of veterinary care is ruff (I shih tzu not!) – Dr Petra Edwards tells us why dogs fear the vet and how pet owners can make this experience more paw-sitive for everyone.



The journey from James Herriot wannabe to research superstar

From the wise old age of four Alex Whittaker dreamt of becoming the female version of British TV veterinarian James Herriot.