John Salerno

John Salerno
B E (Elec) 1998, Grad Dip Business Enterprise 1999
Elected Member - Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

John Salerno graduated with a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Adelaide before completing a post grad in Business as part of the university’s Graduate Industry Linked Entrepreneurial Scheme.

In 2003 he co-founded Dedicated Systems Australia, a company focused on providing embedded software, rugged hardware and services to system integrators building complex systems or with requirements for safety and cyber security. He is the current owner and serves as Managing Director.

John was called back to the university in 2009 as an adjunct lecturer helping to teach and update their Real-Time Systems course and assisting the Engineering department with its marketing and undergraduate recruiting.

He is a member of Entrepreneurs’ Organisation and attended Harvard Business School as part of an Industry Leaders Fund Scholarship in 2019.

John’s interests have varied over the years. He enjoys cooking, has acted in short films, is an accredited calligrapher and illuminator and has accumulated a number of musical instruments. He was a former junior state and national sprint canoe and kayaking champion and inaugural president of the Ultimate Evolution Frisbee Club. He is blessed with three daughters and a wife, Elizabeth.