Megan Webster-Bradman

Megan Webster-Bradman
BA (Jur) 1996, LL B (Hons) 1997, Grad Cert Mgmt 2005

Megan Webster Bradman graduated from the University of Adelaide with an Honours Degree of the Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts (Jurisprudence). She also holds a Master of Public Administration from Flinders University. Megan was appointed to the Alumni Council in 2016. She served on the Council for three years before being re-appointed in 2019 for a further three years. She was also appointed to the university’s Council Selection Committee.

Megan is an experienced public sector executive, working across Federal, State and local governments. Her expertise includes government relations, higher education and health policy. Megan is a strategist and leader of change, successfully delivering transformational change projects for State government, local government, and the South Australian Courts.

Megan currently serves on the Executive Board of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) South Australia. She is also Director of the Cure for Cystic Fibrosis (Cure4CF) Foundation. She was a former Chair and Deputy Chair of the Regional Development Association (RDA) Adelaide, Director of Unibooks, and Council member of the State Records Council.  

Megan has four children, three of whom are alumni of the University of Adelaide.