Richard Fewster

Richard Fewster

Bachelor of Agriculture, Class of 1963–65

“Agriculture is a universal language - a fact I learnt with my work in North America and the United Kingdom. The accents might have been different but the languages were basically the same. Without Roseworthy I could not have worked in that area.”

Richard Fewster has spent a majority of his lifetime working with horticulturalists, agriculturalists and agri-businesses across Australia. Now Richard is overseeing the management of ‘Ruston’s Roses’ at Renmark. “Flip” as Richard was known in college, has chaired the organisation responsible for the establishment of the Centre for Food Innovation at the Waite Institute (which will be launched in February 2017) and is the promoter of the recently established Chair of Food Innovation at the University of Adelaide. Richard is also the immediate past president of the Royal Adelaide Show.

What was Richard’s fondest memory while studying at Roseworthy?
“Really the whole process of being a student and the friendships that still endure today. Roseworthy college opened my mind to learning and gave me an understanding of agriculture that equipped me well for my career; firstly in agricultural journalism and following that agricultural public relations and communications. It also taught me true mateship and sticking up for your mate.”

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