Ben Ryan

Ben Ryan

Associate Diploma of Farm Management, Roseworthy Class of 1985-86

For as long as Ben Ryan could remember, he always wanted to ‘grow stuff’. He's also held a relentless passion for agriculture and learning. Ben is a 4th generation farmer and has been involved in the beef and sheep industry for many years.

Until recently, his own family business was fully certified organic, transitioning from a traditional high-input operation (high stocking rates and chemical/fertiliser inputs) to now a holistically managed enterprise.

“Recently, we’ve moved away from organic certification to take a more holistic approach to our business. Our aim is to grow our business in a way that requires less external energy inputs whereas now we do have to rely on outside input. All of my decisions are based on how I believe my grandchildren will view them with the wisdom of hindsight.”

Ben spent a number of years working with the sheep industry at state level which included chairing the SA Lamb Development team. He has also recently added free range Berkshire pigs to his farming enterprise.

What was Ben’s fondest memory while studying at Roseworthy?
Crayfish or Professor, as Ben was fondly known as by his peers, loved the whole positive and rewarding experience of Roseworthy.

“I was pushed into studying at Roseworthy by my family. I had just spent six years at Boarding School so further study wasn’t something that I was keen on doing at that stage. However, it was the best decision I’ve made and I wish that I had spent longer studying there. The networking and new knowledge gained was incredible.”

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