Associate Professor Kristin Carson-Chahhoud

Recipient of the James McWha Rising Star Award 2019

Associate Professor Kristin Carson-Chahhoud had never been to university when she was accepted in 2011 to the University of Adelaide, resulting in a PhD focussing on tobacco avoidance.

She completed her thesis, which earned her the Dean’s Commendation for Doctoral Thesis Excellence, while working full-time for SA Health as one of the youngest Senior Medical Research Scientists.

Kristin, named 2015 SA Young Australian of the Year, has received a South Australian Tall Poppy award and a 100 Women of Influence award, among a wealth of other accolades.

For Kristin, the emphasis on tobacco avoidance came down to the opportunity to spark change.

“Working in respiratory as a Senior Researcher, I could see the impact that tobacco was having on people’s lives and that it was one of the key modifiable risk factors,” she said.

“It was something I knew could potentially make a difference, a real-world difference, in individuals and in communities as a whole.”

Kristin aims to close the gap between clinical research trials and real-world patient care.

“I want my research to make a difference and to improve patient care, and I want to see the changes happen in the real world and in real time.”

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