Chester Osborne

Chester Osborne

Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Oenology, Class of 1983

Chester is the Chief Winemaker and Viticulturist at d’Arenberg Cube, which he’s been a part of since graduating from Roseworthy.

“Being a fourth-generation winemaker, it was in my blood and heart,” he says.

Being born into the wine industry was Chester’s biggest inspiration for attending Roseworthy. His father was on the accreditation committee in the late 1970s, and he helped turn the course into a degree.

“I do remember sitting on Len Evans’ knee when I was around seven years old and he asked what wine I was going to make when I grew up. My response was ‘a yummy one’, so I guess it was always my destiny from an early age!”

“Roseworthy is like no other,” says Chester, “in the way that you get the hands-on experience you don’t get elsewhere. Many aspects of agricultural work are covered at Roseworthy and the experience you gain from studying there is so valuable for all areas of agriculture. The continual friendship of people that I met at Roseworthy is one of my fondest memories; nearly 40 years on and we still share a close bond.”

What does Chester love about the wine industry?

Chester enjoys the whole process of taking grapes that have been looked after by farmers, developing the vineyards, and turning them into the best wine possible.

“The other side is selling wine to people who are interested in wine and have a passion for it. More recently, after building the d’Arenberg Cube, I love seeing people’s eyes light up when they come and taste our wines.”

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