Alumni in Focus: Lauren DeCesare

Adelady co-founder and Bachelor of Media graduate Lauren DeCesare is this month’s Alumni in Focus.

Alumni in Focus-Lauren DeCesare

Lauren DeCesare

Adelady is all about sharing the best of South Australia. Passionate about seeing local businesses boom, Lauren and co-founder Hayley Pearson share fashion, food, art, health, and family-based content across the Adelady website, social media, TV show and print magazine.

What are your favourite hobbies?

This is one area I need to work on! I used to sing and paint but since starting my own business these things have taken a back seat. But I will start up again, it’s good for the soul.

Favourite place to eat when in Adelaide?

I love Asian food, so Mrs Q on Gouger Street is defs a fave of mine!

If I could go back to my University days I would…

Probably have asked more questions. Believe it or not, I was sometimes too shy to ask things.

Most prized possession?

My nana’s engagement ring. Its 72 years old and I always wear it so she’s always with me.

Something that makes you smile?

Seeing the finished product of something that’s taken months to create, like the Adelady magazine. That and sausage dogs – they get me every time!

Something you are grateful for?

I’m grateful to have found a business partner who I can call a best friend and who I trust with my life, and a fiancé that brings out the best in me and makes me a better person. I would be lost without these two people.

If I could pursue a different career I would…

Sing. It’s something I did when I was younger and now I miss it so much. You could find me singing in a smoky bar – ha!

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned…

It’s ok to say no. It actually makes people respect you and want you more.

I cannot get through the day without…

A skinny, dirty chai latte.

Three words your closest friends use to describe you?

Late, loud and loyal!

Your definition of success?

Being able to work with people for years and seeing results in their businesses as a direct result of the things we’ve done. Success is not about the car you drive or house you live in – it’s that if anyone is to talk about you, they would say nice things.

My mother taught me…

Always treat people how you want to be treated. This has always stayed with me.

Your career path in two sentences or less?

While in my third year studying media I started working experience at SAFM and tried every position known to man, from driving the Black Thunders to answering phones to writing ads. From there, I became the Executive Producer of the breakfast show, met Hayley Pearson, forged a friendship and then we both left to start Adelady. This was almost five years ago now.

Biggest career highlight?

Launching Adelady TV on Channel 9. It’s all self-funded and when we sold season one, I only had a piece of paper with a Channel 9 logo on it to do it. We got our funding in a month and now we’re working on season five.

2019 is the year I will…

Travel more, get fit and work on my work/life balance. Isn’t that everyone’s goal?

How do you relax?

I don’t! I’m terrible at it.

A misconception about you?

I try to be the same at all times, so often people will meet me and say “oh you’re just the same in real life as you are on TV”. I like that, you’ve got to be real.

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