Aparajita Kadam

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Alumnae Aparjita with horse

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine – Class of 2018

What are your hobbies?
Gardening and reading.

Favourite place to eat in Adelaide?

If I could go back to my university days I would ...
I enjoyed learning – so go back to lectures and then hangout with my friends and few of my teachers talking about a lot of different subjects. 

Most prized possession?
My books.

I can’t get enough of ...
Laid back days where I can bask in the sun either reading or gardening. 

Something that makes you smile?
Recollection of all the things that me and my mates talked about during our 3 hour drive back and forth to Roseworthy Campus. 

Something you are grateful for?
All the mistake I made… makes me a better person learning from it. 

If I could pursue a different career I would…
I would study clinical psychology. I enjoy learning about the human mind and the learning more about what makes me 'me'.

The most valuable lesson I have learned?
That we learn from experience. Attributing the quality of either negative or positive to theses experience is each individual’s choice.

I cannot get through the day without ...
No crutches yet and I hope to keep it that way.

Three words your closest friends would use to describe you?
Intense, objective, and shy… I can safely vouch for intense, and objective. 

Your definition of success?
Doing something that makes me content and impacts the world positively. 

My mother taught me ...
My grandmother was more of my mother. She taught me to channel negative thoughts and convert them into positive action. An example, during my teenage years of rebellion she helped me channel my anger by encouraging to garden. The anger, instead of being used to harm, was redirected into gardening, the outcome was a beautiful garden with fruits and veggies. Hence my passion to garden especially when I have to solve problems of an emotional nature. 

Your career path in two sentences or less?
It has been a fun journey where all challenges resulted in me not only being a person whom I came to like, but also a descent vet in the making. 

Biggest career highlight?
At the current moment getting a job and surviving the challenges of the veterinary world. 

2020 is the year I will ...
Continue to learn and have fun. COVID 19 has challenged me but I refuse to yield to being jaded or cynical… yet. 

How I relax?
I am a bit of a homebody; I enjoy reading and when I get tired of that I hangout in a café. Here I continue to read in a nosier and lively setting. 

When I get home the first thing I do is ...
Wash of all the miasma enveloping me after working with animals and then sit down with a cuppa and book. 

The biggest risk I have taken?
Getting married. It is hard for me to show vulnerability and my weakness. I think I have done well surviving 14 years of marriage.  

A misconception about you?
My small stature creates the wrong impression of a delicate and physically incapable benign. I might not be very strong but I have endurance. 

What advice would you give your younger self at uni? 
Do away with the misconception that I was too stupid to understand veterinary medicine study material. 

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