Ellen McBryde

Ellen McBryde

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine - Class of 2016

Currently working as volunteer at Te Are Manu Charity Vet Clinic in the Cook Islands, Ellen's career has taken her from Adelaide to Samoa and Fiji. 

What are your hobbies?
Such a hard question! I always feel like I don’t have enough hobbies… but I’m currently working towards becoming a dive instructor, so diving is one, and I also love a bit of yoga.

Favourite place to eat when in Adelaide 
Golden Boy, or a cheese board at Udaberri.

If I could go back to my University days I would
Pay more attention in anatomy!

Most prized possession
My GoPro.

I can’t get enough of
Whale season!

Something that makes you smile
My friends, always.

Something you are grateful for
Right now it’s definitely my health and getting ‘stuck’ on a corona-free island!

If I could pursue a different career I would…
Be a dive instructor.

The most valuable lesson I have learned
There’s more than one right way to do something.

I cannot get through the day without
An iced latte.

Three words your closest friends would use to describe you
Adventurous, social, caring.

Your definition of success
Being content with what you have and where you are.

My mother taught me
The benefits of hard work.

Your career path in two sentences or less
Small animal GP in Adelaide for two years, got a taste of volunteering with AMRRIC in 2018, flew to the Cook Islands to volunteer at Te Are Manu Charity Vet Clinic for one month (I stayed for three!) Two shorter volunteer stints in Samoa and Fiji before heading back to the Cook Islands for the last eight months and counting.

Biggest career highlight
I went on an outer island Vet Trek desexing dogs and cats in the Cook Islands earlier this year – such an amazing experience!

2020 is the year I will
Learn to freedive and kitesurf.

How I relax
Whenever I lay on the beach I’m asleep in five minutes.

When I get home the first thing I do is
Pat the dog.

The biggest risk I have taken
Skydiving in Namibia.

What advice would you give your younger self at uni?
Full-time uni is a whole lot better than full-time work – just relax and enjoy yourself because it’ll be over before you know it.

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