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Environment report card – failing our planet

Bird surveys Kangaroo Island - Tom Hunt

Professor Andy Lowe, Interim Director, Environment Institute, gives his sobering overview of the state of the planet.

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Edible insects - for our plate and our planet

Smashed avo bagel with mealworm furikake

Would you consider adding crunchy crickets into your weeknight meals?

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Making a difference

Tiahni Adamson

Tiahni Adamson is focused on sustainable aquaculture production as the Lead Community Engagement Officer at CH4Global.

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Here for good

Peter Garrett performing at the Here for Good concert, March

The University is committed to a sustainable future, and has ambitions to lead and deliver positive and sustainable change for good.

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Fast (future) food

Jason Able at The Plant Accelerator

When it comes to the problem of feeding a growing population, the world is facing many challenges.

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“Changing the world” no joke

Kristin Raman - Courtesy of Matt Turner: Newspix

On a challenging day, Kristin Raman and her colleagues sometimes joke that it’s tough changing the world.

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Rising to the challenge

Native oyster reef renewal

Professor Andy Lowe, Interim Director, Environment Institute, gives a brief snapshot of the vital environmental research – and actions – underway at our University.

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Meeting the challenge

Polluted ocean

Climate change presents one of the most significant global challenges facing society, necessitating a collective and comprehensive response.

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The (sustainable) future of the planet

The planet, where it can be impacted by humans, has never been in such a dire state.

Sustainability – of our planet, and all life on it – is the subject of intense global conversation and research.

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