Henry White's path from the AFL field to the boardroom

A portrait of Henry White at the beach

Now a successful business owner, Henry White took an unusual pathway to his current career.

Graduations are underway, and many finishing students are now in their transition to become alumni and enter the next phase of their career journey. For some, this means continuing on to further study, while others are launching with full force into the career they've been dreaming of and striving for since childhood. For still others, the path towards the future  and the ultimate destination is a little less certain.

Henry White's pathway from the University of Adelaide's 2012 graduation ceremony to where he is today was unusual, and all the more successful for it. 

In his own words, Henry has “taken a unique path from the AFL field to the boardroom". His entrepreneurial spirit, drive and determination have continued to carry him along a unique path of success to ultimately become the owner of his own thriving South Australian business.

In 2007, he was drafted to the Western Bulldogs, where the Elite Athlete program supported his dual ambition. “Education and sports were no longer a choice,” he says. “They became a coordinated pursuit.”

However, after graduating, the dynamic world of Sydney’s investment banking sector beckoned. Henry specialised in logistics and real estate, unearthing new interests to pursue while using his existing skills and networks to build his foundation for success. “I discovered new passions while leveraging connections I'd made at the University.”

The lure of our beautiful state seems to have remained in Henry's mind, however. Today he runs Storage Lord, a thriving self-storage company in South Australia. Despite his unique path, Henry says “All roads led here, shaped by experiences and relationships at the University of Adelaide. My story is a testament to the University's adaptability, catering to diverse student needs and ambitions.”

For those who are currently looking into any stage of their future with excitement and uncertainty, Henry highlights the importance of forging and maintaining connections from the very beginning. “The connections made during my time at the University were not only valuable but instrumental in every step of my career."

Henry hopes that his slightly unusual path will inspire others in their early career, and perhaps even those who are still making new decisions mid-career about where their paths will ultimately lead. He says his story is “about success, resilience, and the boundless opportunities provided by our beloved university."

His personal journey of success acts as an inspirational reminder that there are many pathways available to us all, and that following your interests with drive, care and passion can be the secret to success … even if you’re not entirely sure yet what type of future you’re building.


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