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Meeting the challenge

Polluted ocean

Climate change presents one of the most significant global challenges facing society, necessitating a collective and comprehensive response.

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The (sustainable) future of the planet

The planet, where it can be impacted by humans, has never been in such a dire state.

Sustainability – of our planet, and all life on it – is the subject of intense global conversation and research.

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Volunteers in the wild

Volunteer Les at the BB&B

While volunteers may not be the first thing that come to mind when you think of the University of Adelaide, their work can be found across all facets of daily life on campus and beyond.

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Creative writing: The last polar bear

The last polar bear

On a forty-nine-degree summer day, 8,000 miles from the North Pole, the last polar bear arrives in Adelaide.

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Love affair with disaster movies

Scene from The Day After Tomorrow

Films about the end of the world have always been big business, but why are we so drawn to them?

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Wine review: Montepulciano

Grapevine feature

Sue Bastian reviews a lesser known wine variety suitable for our State now and into the cellar of the future.

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A wine by many other names...

Briony Hoare and Spritz - Beach Road Wines

Alumna Briony Hoare is a winemaker focused on the future of sustainable wine production. 

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Book review: Childhood

Shannon Burns

A Review of Shannon Burns’ Childhood, by Jennifer Rutherford and Brian Castro.

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Happy 50th Lumen!

Lumen 1972 Vol 1 No 1 p 1

The first issue of Lumen was published on October 27, 1972. It was created, in part, to set up better communications in advance of the 100th birthday of the University. Now we prepare for next year’s 150th celebrations.

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Resources for a sustainable future

Barr Smith library

As South Australia’s leading research- intensive institution, the University of Adelaide continues to accelerate transitions towards sustainability with investment in research that has a measurable impact.

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