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Fuelling the future from the ground up

Alison Gill

While Alison Gill’s research may be focused on the ground, her PhD studies have taken her up in the air and around the world. 

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Meet the author and Psychologist Sophie Gonzales

Sophie Gonzales

Sophie Gonzales was born in South Australia and writes young adult queer contemporary fiction with memorable characters, biting wit, and endless heart.

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Environment report card – failing our planet

Bird surveys Kangaroo Island - Tom Hunt

Professor Andy Lowe, Interim Director, Environment Institute, gives his sobering overview of the state of the planet.

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Best pets for the planet

Susan, Ziggy and Rosie

Keeping companion animals is one of the greatest privileges we have. But it’s not one we should ever take for granted.

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Edible insects - for our plate and our planet

Smashed avo bagel with mealworm furikake

Would you consider adding crunchy crickets into your weeknight meals?

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Making a difference

Tiahni Adamson

Tiahni Adamson is focused on sustainable aquaculture production as the Lead Community Engagement Officer at CH4Global.

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Re-engaging with the world

Alison Gill working in the field and Dr Nam Nghiep Tran at theVietnamese Biochar plant

Now that COVID has subsided, and the world is once again open for business, the University of Adelaide has been able to resume its strong engagement around the world.

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Here for good

Peter Garrett performing at the Here for Good concert, March

The University is committed to a sustainable future, and has ambitions to lead and deliver positive and sustainable change for good.

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Goodbye to Grenache? So long Shiraz?

Coombe vineyard, Waite Campus

Our favourite wines may not be sustainable for a hotter, drier future.

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Living and breathing sustainability

CedricVarcoe, Narungga/Ramindjeri/ Ngarrindjeri people, born 1984, Kaurna Wirltu Tidna , 2021, acrylic on canvas (University of Adelaide Library Special Collections, A.VA.2022.1037.1)

Sustaining Aboriginal culture at the University of Adelaide.

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