News: lumen spring summer 2023

Are robot dogs fetching?

Susan Hazel plays with Kadli, AIML’s robot dog

Is there a place for robot pets? We’ve fallen in love with them in the past… are they the future?

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The rise of the machines - cinema and AI


The Lumen cinema review: Has Hollywood been warning us for years about AI and the rise of the robots?

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Misinformation. Lies. And artificial intelligence

AI generated image of the pope

As a society we can use AI and other technologies to help solve broader societal problems – but only once we have a firm understanding of how it works, its limitations and how we respond to it.

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AI: The Lumen interview

AIML Director, Professor Simon Lucey

In this special interview, Simon Lucey, Director of the Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML), and a Professor in the University of Adelaide’s School of Computer and Mathematical Sciences, clarifies concerns and explains the opportunities for Australia to shape the future by embracing AI.

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I definitely won’t kill you (probably)

AI Avatar

Setting himself a target of writing 10,000 songs in 10,000 days, alum Andrew Gardner hoped to challenge himself and hone his already significant musical skills. Here he shares a song written with AI, sung by AI, about AI.

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AI and the University

The Australian Institute of Machine Learning (AIML), Lot Fourteen, North Terrace. Photo by Josh Geelen

The University's response to recent innovations in generative artificial intelligence (AI) has been to ensure that staff and students learn to use AI productively, ethically, and responsibly.

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Andy Thomas: Celebrating a local hero

Andy Thomas preview

When Andy Thomas first graduated from the University of Adelaide 50 years ago, travelling into space as an astronaut was an impossible dream. Australians didn’t do that – space was for people from other countries.

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Take a trip into space


As part of the celebration of 50 years since Andy Thomas first graduated from our University, we are pleased to present our readers with this unique “space simulation”.

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A passion for change

Alex at theYouth Inc. offices, Adelaide

Alexandra Bruhn, known to everyone as Alex, this year won the Commendation Award for South Australia’sYoung Citizen of the Year.

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Children's University turns 10

The first graduates of Children's University 2013

It can be difficult for some young people to envision a future at university, particularly if no one in their family has ever attended one. This is where Children’s University steps in, to educate young people about future possibilities. In 2023 the initiative is celebrating its 10-year anniversary.

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