Vice-Chancellor's Alumni Award

The Vice-Chancellor's Alumni Award recognises the outstanding and sustained contributions made by University of Adelaide alumni in their local communities and beyond.

2019 recipients

Emeritus Professor Denise Bradley AC

Denise is an esteemed advocate for equity in education. Her contributions to higher education policy have changed the face of the Australian tertiary sector.

Denise began her career as a teacher, was instrumental in the establishment of the University of South Australia, and later led a national review of the higher education system which resulted in the Bradley Report and subsequent sweeping changes to Australia’s educational landscape.

“Education offered me plenty to do but also something to care about and to put my efforts into, and I care deeply and profoundly about issues to do with access to a high quality education for all,” said Denise.

Dr Michael Llewellyn-Smith AM KStJ JP

As an architect, town planner and city manager, Dr Michael Llewellyn-Smith AM KStJ JP has helped to shape cities in Australia and overseas.

During his time as Deputy City Planner of Sydney, Michael was responsible for the Woolloomooloo Action Plan where, for the first time in Australia, federal, state and local governments worked together with the community to retain and increase the residential population and improve the urban environment.

Later, as the City Planner of Adelaide, Michael again engaged the community to convert the City of Adelaide Planning Study into the first City Plan and its subsequent five yearly reviews.

“The results of some of the policy initiatives can be seen today, such as a significant increase in the residential population of the City,” said Michael.

Dr James Muecke AM

Graduating with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery in 1988, eye surgeon Dr James Muecke AM has made it his life’s work to fight blindness in the world’s low-income countries.

A trip to Myanmar in 2007 to conduct research about childhood blindness became one of the catalysts for James to co-found the not-for-profit organisation Sight For All. "To be surrounded by children who are blind who shouldn't be blind was one of the most disturbing and confronting experiences of my medical life and really made me want to do something about this," said James.

The not-for-profit organisation now impacts more than half a million people annually across nine countries in Asia and one in Africa.

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