Queen's Birthday Honours

A significant number of our alumni have been recognised for contributions to their field and their community.

Queen's Birthday Honours 2021

  • Companion of the Order of Australia (AC)

    Ms Frances Adamson B Ec 1985
    For eminent service to public administration through the advancement of Australia's diplomatic, trade and cultural interests, particularly with the People's Republic of China and the Indo-Pacific region, to innovative foreign policy development and high-level program delivery, and as the 36th Governor appointed in South Australia.

  • Officer of the Order of Australia (AO)

    Emeritus Professor Peter Bartold AM B D S 1979, B Sc (Dent) (Hons) 1980, Ph D (Dent) 1983, D D Sc 1997
    For distinguished service to dentistry, to periodontal research and education, and to professional dental organisations.

    Professor Toby Coates M B B S 1989, Ph D (Med) 2001
    For distinguished service to renal medicine, to professional medical organisations, and to tertiary education.

    Emeritus Professor Donald Howie Ph D (Med) 1988
    For distinguished service to medicine in the field of orthopaedics, and to professional medical organisations.

    Professor Stephen Wilton B Sc 1978, B Sc (Hons) 1979, PhD (Sc) 1984
    For distinguished service to medical research, to neurological science, and to the treatment of Muscular Dystrophy.

  • Member of the Order of Australia (AM)

    Dr Richard Abbott M B B S 1972
    For significant service to medicine, and to leukaemia research. Peter Nelson Leukaemia Research Fellowship Fund Chairman, 1990-2010. Committee Member, 1987-1990.

    Professor James Barber PhD (Arts) 1986
    For significant service to tertiary education administration, and to youth.

    Emerita Professor Peggy Brock B A 1969, B A (Hons) 1970, Dip Ed 1971, PhD (Arts 1992
    For significant service to tertiary education, and to Indigenous history.

    Mr Colin Cornish B Mus (Perf) 1988, M App Innov & Entrepreneurship 2017
    For significant service to the performing arts, to music, and to youth.

    Mr John Crosby R D A 1971
    For significant service to agribusiness, and to the farming sector.

    Mr Brian Gilbertson LL B 1978
    For significant service to festivals and events in South Australia, to opera, and to voice education.

    Dr Peter Gilchrist M B B S 1974, Dip Psych 1983
    For significant service to psychiatry, particularly to people with weight disorders.

    Professor Nigel Jones M B B S 1981, B Med Sc (Hons) 1988
    For significant service to neurosurgical medicine, and to medical societies.

    Mr Geoffrey Knight Ph D (Dent) 2008
    For significant service to professional dental associations, and to the community.

    Reverend John Maddern B A 1968
    For significant service to the Uniting Church in Australia, and to the community.

    Mrs Lolita Mohyla B Arch 1983, M Arch 1994
    For significant service to architecture, and to construction law.

    Mr Danny Murphy B Ec 1978
    For significant service to urban development, and to the community.

    Mr Martin Nussio MBA 2005
    For exceptional service to the Australian Defence Force in capability acquisition and sustainment.

    Dr Victor Roy Squires former University Staff Member
    For significant service to the environment, notably to the ecology of rangelands.

    Dr Geoffrey Thompson M B B S 1969
    For significant service to sports medicine, and to Paralympic athletes.

    Dr Neil Turner Ph D (Ag Sc) 1968
    For significant service to agricultural and environmental science, and to education.

  • Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM)

    Mr James Bradley B A 1989, B A (Hons) 1990, LL B 1991
    For service to literature as a writer.

    Dr Rosemary Brooks B A 1967, B A (Hons) 1968, Grad Dip (Sec) 1981, LL B 2005
    For service to tertiary education.

    Mr Greg Bruce B App Sc (Nat Res Mgmt) 1994
    For service to local government, and to the community of Townsville.

    Mr Donald Burge Dip Pharm 1961
    For service to the community through a range of roles.

    Mr Neville Gilbertson R D A 1959
    For service to the community of Mount Gambier.

    Mr Peter Gordon B A (Hons) 1970
    For service to disaster recovery as a psychologist.

    Mr Oscar Joppich Dip Arts & Ed 1954
    For service to the Lutheran church, and to the community.

    Dr John Langrehr B Sc 1960, Dip Sec Ed 1965
    For service to tertiary education.

    Mr Frederick Miegel Grad Dip Nurs Sc (Onc) 2004
    For service to nursing.

    Professor Kaye Roberts-Thomson M Pub Hlth 1999
    For service to dentistry, and to the community.

    Dr Michael Schultz  M B B S 1987
    For service to medicine as a surgeon.

    Mrs Jill Swann M A (St Art Hist) 2002
    For service to the galleries sector.

    Mr Michael Sweeney Prof Cert Arbitration 2003
    For service to the community, and to the law.

    Ms Belinda Tallis LL B 1983, B Ec 1984
    For service to the community through the not-for-profit sector.

    Miss Hannah Wandel B Media 2010, LL B 2012
    For service to women's affairs, and the community.

    Mr Geoffrey Wark B A (Jur) 1993, LL B 1995
    For service to Morris dancing.

    Dr Richard Willing M B B S 1954
    For service to conservation and the environment.

  • Public Service Medal (PSM)

    Dr Christine Selvey B Sc (Ma Sc) 1982, M B B S 1985
    For outstanding public service to infectious disease reporting and public health in New South Wales.

    Professor Nicola Spurrier M B B S 1990, PhD (Med) 1999
    For outstanding public service to community health in South Australia.

  • Conspicuous Service Medal (CSM)

    Mr Peter Chapman B Com (Acc) 2006, M Com (Perf Mgmt) 2007
    For meritorious achievement in the field of Maritime Logistics Officer Workgroup Management.

  • Conspicuous Service Cross (CSC)

    Mr Aaron Hardman B E (Elec & Electronic-Avionics) 2014
    For outstanding achievement in aerospace engineering, project management, and electronic warfare capability development for the Australian Defence Force.

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