Sciences Alumni Network Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program

The formation of the Science Alumni Network (SAN) was driven by the need to provide our Faculty of Science alumni with the opportunity to reconnect and foster meaningful relationships with each other. While our events were designed to encourage interdisciplinary networking and professional and personal development, there was a clear demand for an alumni-to-alumni targeted mentoring program.

2020 Pilot Mentoring Program

2020 SAN Mentoring Program zoom picture

In 2020, the SAN launched its' inaugural Alumni Mentoring Program to foster peer-to-peer mentoring and collaboration. This pilot program consisted of 13 mentor / mentee pairs with representation from all four Schools in the Faculty of Science. It also involved a diverse range of national and international alumni (4 interstate and 3 international). Despite the global pandemic, we were able to keep our ‘borders’ open by running the program on virtual platforms.

"It was great to have a mentor that was involved in industry. It provided a different perspective to a research/teaching focused mentor which is what I wanted." - Mentee

"It is always nice to feel like you are helping someone. It was time well spent. We talked about their obstacles and I was able to provide examples that I went through in my career." - Mentor

The committee has put in a lot of effort into building the program framework and all the matching was done manually based on a comprehensive questionnaire filled out by the mentors and mentees. This year, we would like to expand on the success of the pilot program by incorporating all our key learnings from the 2020 cohort. Additionally, we will also include professional development workshop(s) run by a third party to further enhance the mentoring program experience for all participants.

2021 Mentoring Program

This year we aim to have 20 mentoring pairs covering degrees from the four Schools; School of Agriculture, Food and Wine, School of Animal and Veterinary Science, School of Biological Sciences and School of Physical Sciences. 

Mentee applications are now open. You are eligible to apply for this program if you are an alumni who graduated from the Faculty of Sciences.

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If you would like to know more about the SAN mentoring program for 2021, please contact Carolyn McLean, Alumni Relations Officer at 

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