Stephanie Hewitt

A portrait of Stephanie Hewitt

B Sc (Animal Behaviour) 2021; B Sc (Animal Sc) 2021; B Sc (Hons) 2022
Elected Member - Roseworthy Campus

Stephanie Hewitt graduated with a double Bachelor of Science in Animal Science and Animal Behaviour (2021). In 2022, she completed her honours with first class in animal science with specific focus in veterinary immunology and continued her work in now veterinary virology as a PhD candidate at the University of Adelaide, School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences. In 2023, Stephanie was awarded the W.V. MacFarlane Prize for her research relating to animal physiology and production.

This is the sixth year that she has been associated with the University where she has been able to connect with both recent and past alumni. Stephanie began developing her professional relationship with the University in 2022 where she was the honours representative on the staff, student liaison committee. She currently holds membership to the Australian Society for Microbiology and AusBioTech.