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Ask Adelaide support

At Ask Adelaide we are here to help you through your student journey!

We offer many services and can help with any queries you have, just a few of the ways we can support you are listed below.

Our service channels include face to face, our call centre, the Knowledge base, email and online chat.

    We can help with
    • Knowledge base
    • Graduation support
    • Academic transcripts
    • Form support
    • Exams support
    • General information
    • Password help
    • Access Adelaide support
    • Online shop support
    • Testamur collection
    • Plus any other queries

    Service statement

    We would like to welcome you to Ask Adelaide.

    Our mission is to assist and enhance the academic progress and the quality of the university experience of all students by providing the best on-campus experience for students in Australia.

    Ask Adelaide is committed to a one stop, one step, student focused service that aims to assist all students (future or current) adapt, equitably access, participate and succeed in higher education and beyond during their University of Adelaide experience.

    We aim to use multiple service channels to make it quick and easy for students to move through administrative processes and access information, so they can focus on their study or research at University.

    Students are our students and the Ask Adelaide team will provide its students with the highest quality of service to enhance your student experience. To achieve this goal, we have designed a series of protocols that we believe exemplify best practice student service, and we strive to follow these principles in every face-to-face, phone, online and email engagement with you.

    Service commitment

    We will take ownership of your enquiry, and help you see the solutions available to you. We will always treat students, staff, community members, and colleagues with respect and dignity.

    We deliver our services with honesty, impartiality, freedom from prejudice and will work to build a sense of trust and avoid conduct which could suggest otherwise.

    We aim to treat all information given or obtained as confidential and private.

    We will work through the resolution with you, providing accurate information and service, and make sure you're clear on the next steps.

    We will keep you informed of the progress of your enquiry, and help to expand your knowledge of options and processes.

    We will empower you to make the most of the resources available to you, by demonstrating the use of various pathways and information sources, so you can use them with confidence in the future.

    We will facilitate awareness of personal responsibility and promote self-determination.

    We will always try to resolve your enquiry in the first instance - but if more specialised advice is required we will refer to others with the professional competency to take your enquiry through to resolution.

    If we're unable to meet your request, we will explain the reasons why, and ensure you understand the options and solutions available to you.

    In delivery service we ask students acknowledge their responsibility to treat the staff with respect and consideration and to provide to the best of their ability, accurate and complete information related to the service or issue.