Locker Registration

Temporary lockers are available in Hub Central for all current University of Adelaide students to hire for either 3 or 8 hours.

You will need to first have your student ID card registered before you are able to use the lockers. Visit Ask Adelaide to have this enabled on your ID card.

In using the lockers, there are a number of terms and conditions you are agreeing to. These have been listed below.

There are two key cabinets.

  • 8 hour lockers are available on level 3 of Hub Central, the key cabinet for this is located underneath the stairs near Ask Adelaide.
  • 3 hour lockers are available on level 4 of Hub Central, the key cabinet for this is located by the internal entrance to the Student Kitchen.

Long term lockers are available through YouX.

  • Instructions for use of Hub Central lockers

    Register your University of Adelaide Student ID Card at Ask Adelaide to access these lockers.

    Keys are colour coded as per the below table:

    Blue tag

    Large locker without power

    Red tag

    Large locker with power

    Green tag

    Small locker without power

    Yellow tag

    Small locker with power

    To borrow a key:

    1. Tap your Student ID Card on the reader to access the key cabinet.
    2. Open the door and choose your locker key from the cabinet.
    3. Press the black button to release the key and the fob
    4. Close the cabinet door
    5. Access the locker that corresponds to the number on the key

    When finished with the locker:

    1. Remove your belongings and close the locker door
    2. Return the key to its DESIGNATED SPOT in the cabinet before the time limit expires. (Use student card to access the cabinet)

    If you require further assistance, please see Ask Adelaide staff.

  • Terms and Conditions

    Time limit is identified by level:

    • All level 4 lockers are for 3 hours’ maximum
    • All level 3 lockers are for 8 hours’ maximum

    Please empty the locker and return the key to the key cabinet before the time limit expires.

    Acceptable Usage Policy

    1. Report any lost key to Ask Adelaide. If you lose or damage a key, you will be charged a replacement fee of up to $200.00. A Negative Service Indicator (NSI) will be placed on your account that will prevent you from re-enrolling, graduating or purchasing transcripts.
    2. You will be liable for the cost of any cleaning or repairs necessary to the locker.
    3. If you do not return the locker key before the time limit expires, the University will remove and dispose of anything stored in the locker without further notice to you.
    4. You must return the key and wait at least 1 hour before selecting an alternative key if one is available. Failure to comply will result in your access being suspended for 4 weeks.
    5. Your access privilege to the lockers may be suspended or revoked if you are deemed to be in breach of these terms and conditions.
    6. The University accepts no responsibility for the theft, loss or damage to personal belongings.