Terms and Conditions

The University of Adelaide ID card remains the property of the University of Adelaide at all times..

If asked to return the card, you will be expected to do so immediately. The ID card is for personal use only. For the purpose of student concessions, the card remains valid until the expiry date has elapsed (displayed in the lower right-hand corner).

  • Rules for general use

    • You must carry your ID card at all times whilst on University campuses
    • The name on your ID card must match your government issued photo ID. Nicknames or preferred names cannot be displayed on your ID card. Accepted photo identification includes:
      • Australian Driver's Licence
        • Physical and digital, via the official government app
        • Screenshots are not accepted
      • Proof of Age card
      • Passport
    • You must produce your ID card immediately if asked to do so by an authorised person (for instance, security services)
    • You must not allow your ID card to be used by another person for any purpose
    • Do not expose the ID card to excessive heat, moisture, or magnetic sources
    • Avoid storing your ID card with other magnetic strip cards
    • Any attempt to fraudulently obtain an ID card, or any instance of improper use, will be dealt with under the University statutes and by laws
    • Your ID card is not valid if mutilated, defaced, or otherwise negligently damaged
    • Damaged, lost, or stolen ID cards will incur a charge to be replaced
    • The card remains the property of the University of Adelaide
  • Photo requirements

    For ID cards, we require photos submitted through the online form to meet the following requirements:

    • Please upload a photograph where we can clearly see your full face and shoulders
    • Face centered and looking at the camera straight on; not tilted in any direction
    • Photographs should be taken against a white or cream coloured background
    • Photographs should not be edited or have any filters applied
    • Photographs should be from within the last 6 months
    • If you would normally wear glasses you may wear them
    • Other than religious head coverings, no hats or scarves
    • Hair off your face, so that the edges of your face are visible
    • Eyes should be open and mouth closed
    • Smiling is encouraged

    Failure to provide an appropriate photo will result in your application being delayed. 

  • Travel and student concessions

    The student ID card entitles full-time students to travel at concession rates. This concession is applicable to Adelaide Metro services that are funded by the Government of South Australia, including bus, train, and tram services.

    At the request of an authorised Adelaide Metro officer, or when in a declared area, you must produce your student ID card for verification of your concession entitlement. Ensure that you are carrying your student ID card at all times when claiming a concession entitlement, not doing so may result in prosecution.

    Your student ID card will expire on the date displayed in the lower right-hand corner of the card. In order to maintain your entitlement to student concessions, you are required to visit Ask Adelaide, Level 3 Hub Central, to have an update expiry sticker applied to your card. Only current students are entitled to an update sticker. Ensure that you have completed an enrolment before attending Ask Adelaide to receive a sticker. The University of Adelaide is not liable for any loss suffered if you elect to continue to use your card after it has expired.

  • Lost or stolen ID cards

    If your University ID card has been lost or stolen, you must report this immediately to Ask Adelaide, Level 3 Hub Central (during business hours) or Security Services (after hours).

  • Replacement ID cards

    Issuing of a replacement ID card will incur a minimum charge of $26.50, except in the instance where a card no longer functions due to a genuine fault or has been produced with a clerical error. This includes failure of the proximity chip or magnetic strip that occurs without evidence of damage.

    For assessment and replacement of a faulty ID card, please take your ID card to Ask Adelaide, Level 3 Hub Central. Card services is open from 9:00am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday.

    Where instances of damage impair the functionality of an ID card, replacement of that ID card will incur a minimum $26.50 charge. This charge will be applied regardless of the circumstances of damage, including duration and frequency of use. It is the responsibility of the cardholder to ensure that everyday carriage and use does not result in damaging the card. Instances of damage that will incur a charge for replacement:

    • Surface wear and tear
    • Bends or warping
    • Chips or cracks through the card 

    To order a replacement ID card, you must use the University’s online shop

    You will receive an order confirmation email at the time you place your order. When your order has been completed, you will receive a further notification email with details about how to collect your new card.

    There are two production options available: standard and express. Standard production can take up to 5 business days. Express production is same business day (if you place your order before 1pm) for collection at the North Terrace campus only. Express production will incur an additional charge.

    For cards ordered for a photo change, photos will be taken in person by Ask Adelaide. Currently we cannot accept photos emailed to us.

  • Cancellation of services

    The University of Adelaide reserves the right to cancel any of the services provided by your ID card, in accordance with the University’s policies and procedures.

    Please note, the functionality of your ID card is determined by a current enrolment or staff appointment. Students who are not enrolled, or who have graduated, will no longer be able to use their ID cards. Staff who do not have a current appointment, or whose appointment has been terminated, will no longer be able to use their ID cards.

    Higher degree by research students who have elected to take a leave of absence will not be able to use their ID cards for the duration of their absence.