Animal Ethics

All University personnel who wish to use animals for teaching, research or experimentation must obtain ethical approval from the University of Adelaide Animal Ethics Committee prior to any use or involvement with animals.

Special meetings of Ethics Committees to consider COVID19 applications - applications due tomorrow

The University’s Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) will be convening a special meeting to enable a small number of urgent projects that involve response to the Covid19 pandemic to be reviewed and considered. At this short notice, the committee will only be able to consider applications that are well developed and funded (or in the process of seeking funding e.g. through MRFF). We plan to hold the first of these meetings next week (Wednesday 8 April before the Easter holiday).

If you need either animal ethics or human research ethics approval from the University then please do the following:

  1. Email indicating which committee approvals you require and will be submitting an application for so that we can prepare.
  2. Complete your ethics application using the usual processes:
  3. Submit your application(s) by 5.00pm Friday 3 April at the latest.