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We help University of Adelaide researchers identify, protect, and commercialise their intellectual property (IP).

  • Patent search service

    Commercialisation IP Manager, Gerard La Fontaine offers a free patent search service to University of Adelaide researchers.

    Undertaking a patent search can save you time and money and allows you to plan for the commercialisation or further development of your technology.

    Utilising his experience as an IP Attorney, Gerard can help you find out how patentable your invention may be.

    Book in for your 60 minute appointment via our Calendly booking system, or further queries can be directed to

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  • Intellectual property policy

    This University's IP Policy aims to encourage originators of IP to:

    • be active participants in the systemic exchange and application of research findings and outcomes;
    • leverage the strengths of all parties, internal and external; and
    • to ensure IP access and ownership arrangements are clear, fair and work to deliver optimal impact.

    This Policy supports the principles relating to the management of IP that are embodied in the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, and the National Principles of Intellectual Property Management for Publicly Funded Research. It also supports the University's strategic objectives, including fostering a culture that values and encourages knowledge transfer, and lifting end-user utilisation and commercialisation of the University's research.

    IP Policy

  • Student IP

    Intellectual property is, broadly speaking, intangible property that is the creation of your intellect – it is the productive new ideas you create.

    The University's Intellectual Property Policy provides that students own the IP they create in the course of their studies.

    For further information on managing your Intellectual Property as a student, please contact the Adelaide Graduate Research School.

  • Commercialising your research

    We can help you maximise the economic and social impact of your research through commercialisation. 

    Commercialising IP is about getting your invention/technology to market. Technology is typically transferred through a Licence Agreement in which the University grants its rights in the technology to a third party (the licensee) for a period of years. The licensee may be an established company or a new business start-up.

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  • Invention disclosure

    University of Adelaide researchers (inventors) should disclose their invention by completing an online Invention Disclosure Form.

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  • IP Principles

    As a leader in research and innovation, the University of Adelaide encourages an entrepreneurial environment and culture for its staff and students.

    We are committed to partnering with industry in the translation of our research to create economic, environmental and social benefits. 

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