Varying Your Project

Throughout the course of your project, you may want or need to make changes to certain aspects of your research activity. Variations to the project may include any of the following:

  • Defer commencement of the project to a later date.
  • Defer an in-progress project where there have been considerable delays impacting progress.
  • Change of project scope or research plan.
  • Change of reporting dates, milestones or other key dates.
  • Transfer out to another institution or transfer in for newly appointed researchers.
  • Change to personnel, funding, collaborators or partner organisations.
  • Change to budget or funding distributions.
  • Extension of project end date.

The options and requirements for variations differ depending on the funder, the terms of the agreement and the permissible variation types.

Please contact Research Services to discuss your project and what you would like to change to determine which variation options are available and how to prepare and submit a request for variation.

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