Most research projects funded from external sources require reporting throughout the course of the project. The expectations surrounding timing of reporting is detailed in the agreement for the project.

Research Services will ensure there are suitable automated and timed reminders for all scientific reporting requirements to ensure the research team have sufficient time to prepare the required documents.

If you are unable to meet the due date for the report submission, please contact Research Services to discuss whether a variation to the agreement will be required.

Project reporting

Many research projects require regular scientific or progress reports to be submitted to the funder, detailing how the project is progressing against the expectations outlined in the application and agreement.

Project Reporting should be completed by the research team on a template provided by the funder (if applicable), and submitted to the funder via Research Services.

If your report requires a signature from an institutional representative, please ensure that it is submitted to Research Services a minimum of one week from the contracted due date to enable enough time to arrange the certification.

At the end of your project a Final Report may be required. This is typical of externally funded research, and should include details on the scientific outcomes and outputs from the project. The Final Report may be submitted in conjunction with Financial Reports or invoices.

Financial reporting

Financial Reporting is completed by Research Finance and provided to the funder. It is a requirement that all financial statements or acquittals be certified by an accredited accountant for the University.

Where Financial Reporting is incorporated into other reports (Progress or Final Reports), the Financial Reports will be provided directly to Research Services for submission in conjunction with other requirements.

Conditional reporting

In some instances, payments will be conditional on the submission or approval of a report (Progress, Final or Financial). This invoicing will be managed by Research Services and Research Finance. If you have any concerns about the payments or timing, please contact Research Services to discuss your project’s requirements.

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