Accepting external research funding

When you are notified of an offer of external research funding please forward this information on to the Project Initiation Team in Research Services so they can commence work on establishing your project in the relevant University systems.  This will involve:

  1. Reviewing the terms of the funding offer and confirming all associated requirements can be met.
  2. Formally accepting the the funding offer which will usually need to be done by an appropriately authorised delegate of the organisation.

Currently, the processes for accepting research funding varies depending on the nature of the project as outlined below.

  • Accepting Competitive Grants

    When offered a grant, you will be required to confirm your acceptance of it, and the conditions under which it is awarded, by completing a Research Funding Acceptance (RFA) online via RME.

    The RFA is an eForm that is created by the Project Initiation Team and will be sent to you with confirmation of your successful application. If you are notified directly of a successful application it is your responsibility to pass this notification and any related documentation (e.g. copy of the funding application, draft funding agreement etc) on to the Project Initiation Team so a RFA can be created..

    After you have completed your RFA, it will be sent to your Head of School to approve the acceptance of the grant by the School, and when this approval is completed it is automatically returned to the Project Initiation Team for finalising.

    Login and complete RFA

  • Accepting Contract Research

    The Project Initiation Team will provide a funding acceptance form by email which must be completed and returned to the team with any relevant documentation (funding proposal, draft contract etc). The Team will then progress this form for relevant Head of School approval.

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