Research Integrity Advisers

Research Integrity Advisers are senior staff members with research experience, wisdom, analytical skills, empathy, knowledge of the University’s policy and management structure, and familiarity with the accepted practices in research.

An adviser can be approached in confidence to advise a staff member, student or affiliate who is unsure about a research conduct issue and may be considering whether to make an allegation. The adviser will discuss the matter, the Code and the policies and procedures of the University, and explain the options for taking action. The adviser must not make contact with the person who is the subject of the allegation, and he or she must not be involved in any subsequent inquiry, nor be involved if he or she has a relevant conflict of interest.

Advisers are listed by Faculty, however an Adviser can be approached in any discipline across the University.

University procedures for dealing with research student misconduct are contained in the rules for student conduct. Internal complaints are reported to the Dean of Graduate Studies, and external complaints to the Vice-Chancellor.

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Research Integrity Adviser resources

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