SA-NT DataLink Joint Venture

SA-NT DataLink are the authorised data linkage unit for SA and the NT and are able to facilitate access for researchers to de-identified administrative data collected by government. These data include registrar general, social, health, and education records.

Data linkage, also known as record linkage, provides the ability to integrate and analyse individual level data across a broad range of datasets for ethically approved research studies. SA-NT DataLink have access to over 50 data sources, and its team of metadata and research advisors are able to work with you to consider a research proposal and methodology seeking linked data. Data already linked by SA-NT DataLink is able to be provided expediently once the research study and proposal has been approved.

Each year, funding is made available through the University Research Office to cover the cost of accessing linked and integrated data for ethically approved research. These “linkage credits” are available to University academic staff in order to conduct ethically approved research studies via SA-NT DataLink.

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