Systems & Reporting

The University's research activity is measured and analysed in a number of areas, including research income, research impact, and citations and research outputs. The following tools are utilised for managing the lifecycle of these activities. 

Research Professional

Research Professional is an online funding database and news service, with insights and expert guidance for winning research funding.


Aurora is the University's web-based system for capturing and reporting research publications, outputs, professional activities and profile information.


Operational Research Business Information Tool (ORBIT) is a web-based system giving detailed views of research activities at the University.

ResearchMaster (RME)

RME supports the management and administration of competitive research grants, animal and human ethics, and statutory and regulatory reporting.


The Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) is comprised of research income submitted by universities to the Commonwealth Government each year, and is used by the Commonwealth to determine the University’s share of Research Block Grants.


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