The information age is characterized by society’s comprehensive reliance on the cyber domain which ubiquitously mediates human control of the physical world and powerfully influences human perception of truth.

The University of Adelaide has an outstanding reputation for developing innovative responses, through holistic expertise in human psychology and sociology, law and policy, computer science, and new developments in physics and engineering of technology underpinning cyber.

Our cyber researchers’ strategic insights and contextual intelligence allow us to explore, monitor and impact the global issues and forces driving transformational cyber change; and our world-class educators are creating leaders to influence and drive tomorrow’s cyber economy.

Key research areas

The breadth of our cyber research is vast, with capabilities and expertise ranging across a broad range of disciplines.

Cyber research

Cyber capabilities

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We work extensively with industry, government and the public to enhance cyber awareness, strengthen cyber security and ensure our society is able to benefit from all that the Information Age offers. We are well placed to play a leading role in our nation’s Cyber future.

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Research impact stories

Giving REDSPICE bite: Why strengthening Australia’s cyber capability demands unprecedented ASD-university collaboration

The Australian Government’s REDSPICE blueprint, released with last week’s 2022-23 budget, will significantly increase the Australian Signals Directorate’s (ASD) cyber and intelligence capabilities.

Standing firm

The Discovery Pod | Season 2, Episode 9 Our societies are more connected than ever, with countless governmental processes now taking place online, making it worryingly easy for foreign actors to sow the seeds of domestic division and unrest.

Cyber security

The Discovery Pod | Season 1, Episode 9  Cybercrime and Digital Warfare – how do we get tech savvy to secure our lives online?

Youth online safety and cybercrime prevention

Knowing how young people operate in the digital world is the key to keeping them safe.

Avoiding technology meltdown

Can we prevent cyber-attacks that result in the leak of secret information?