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Moon boot

A zoomed in image of half the moon

The Discovery Pod | Season 2, Episode 8
Powering up human settlement on the Moon is widely considered the ideal first step towards long-term crewed planetary exploration—and it could feasibly happen as soon as this decade. 

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Mining hope

Large mining trucks transporting platinum ore for processing

The Discovery Pod | Season 2, Episode 7
Ironically, humanity’s push for sustainability will require greater quantities of mineral resources than ever.

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Hard to swallow

A woman in a grocery isle looking at nutritional guidelines and her phone

The Discovery Pod | Season 2, Episode 6
We all know what we eat has an enormous impact on our health. But do Australia’s standardised dietary guidelines and health star ratings always have our best interests at heart?

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Cleaning up the farm

Strawberry farm

The Discovery Pod | Season 2, Episode 4
Australia’s farmers are increasingly turning to transient migrant labour to keep their properties running. 

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Cancer counsel

Cancer cell 3D render

The Discovery Pod | Season 2, Episode 3
Improvements in breast and prostate cancer screening have played a huge part in reducing the diseases’ mortality rates.

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Post plastic

Biodegradable containers, coffee cups, plates and takeaway box

The Discovery Pod | Season 2, Episode 2
Our march to sustainable living is gathering pace. With Australia’s environment ministers banning all single-use plastics from 2025, an explosion of eco-friendly alternatives is emerging.

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