Induction Courses

Induction courses

The following induction courses need to be completed within the timeframe identified in the table below.

Induction course completions will appear in the 'Profile' tab in the Staff Services Online (SSO) portal within a month. If you have any queries about the courses, or access issues, please contact Learning and Development.

  • First week

    Induction course Target audience

    Corporate HSW Induction

    This module provides information about Health, Safety and Wellbeing (HSW) at the University and reinforces the importance of every staff member’s contribution to ensuring we have a safe working environment, regardless of our role and work location.

    Estimated time to complete course: 20 mins

    For specific information and training related to your role, please visit the HSW Training and Induction page.

    All new staff

    Aboriginal Cultural Awareness induction course

    The University of Adelaide is a culturally diverse environment. Your understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s culture, and knowledge of resources and support available at the university will help you to better engage and meet the needs of Aboriginal staff and students. This induction module forms part of the Tarrkarri Tirrka strategy.

    Estimated time to complete course: 30 mins

    All new staff

    Recordkeeping induction course

    Irrespective of role, all academic and professional staff create and manage records as part of their work; this course provides you with information to help you identify what constitutes a University record, and understand your recordkeeping responsibilities.

    Estimated time to complete course: 15 – 20 mins

    All new staff

    Cybersecurity induction course

    This course provides essential cybersecurity information and a guide to best practice that can be applied both at work and at home. The course aims to foster better cybersecurity behaviours to reduce the risk of security incidents such as credential theft, data breach, and ransomware infection. Topics covered in this course include email security, account and password security, device security and data security.

    Estimated time to complete course: 20 – 30 mins

    All new staff

    Introduction to MyUni (Canvas)

    This course takes staff through the functionality and good practices of using the student learning management system at the University. It contains four modules covering getting started, course development, assessment and feedback.

    Highly recommended for all teaching staff and professional staff who provide academic support for students.


  • First month

    Induction course Target audience

    ESOS induction course

    The University of Adelaide is a registered provider of education for overseas students. The ESOS induction course outlines the legislative frameworks which the University must comply with. The course aims to create an introductory awareness and understanding of the University’s obligations to overseas students, whilst simultaneously meeting our legislated requirement to provide this information to all staff.

    Estimated time to complete course: 20 – 30 mins

    All new staff

    Copyright induction course

    Copyright is a form of intellectual property. All staff create and use copyright material on a daily basis and it is an expectation that all members of the University comply with copyright requirements. This course looks at the basic principles of copyright law, rights and exceptions, what materials are covered, how to correctly utilise copyright materials and open licensed materials. It should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

    This course is highly recommended for all University staff. It is a compulsory component of induction for:

    • Academic staff Level B to Level E inclusive
    • Level A academic staff in teaching roles
    • Professional staff in a role that requires an understanding of copyright

    Sexual harassment and sexual assault – what are the drivers and how can staff respond

    This online course aims to educate university staff about sexual harassment and sexual assault, the policies and practices within the University of Adelaide and the impact of these practices on individuals. This course is recommended to all university staff, academic and professional, and is a mandatory induction module for staff new to the University.

    All new staff


  • Third month

    Induction course Target audience

    Equal Opportunity (EO) induction course (external link)

    The University is committed to creating a positive and inclusive environment in which all students and staff are treated fairly and equitably. The EO online course aims to assist with this goal. This interactive course provides theoretical knowledge and a practical understanding of the following topic areas: equal employment opportunity, anti-discrimination laws, discrimination, harassment, inappropriate relationships and the complaints process.

    Please note this course is hosted on an external website and staff will be required to register a new account using their work email address and create a password (password should not be the same as your UofA account).

    Estimated time to complete course: 90 mins per module

    All new staff must complete Module 1. New people leaders must also complete Module 2.

    Fraud & Corruption Control induction course

    This course presents critical information about fraud and corruption control in the context of University activities, and describes what you should do if you suspect fraud and corruption in the workplace.

    Anyone responsible for the oversight of people, assets or resources will be directed to manager specific content, including strategies to deter fraud and corruption in the workplace.

    Estimated time to complete course: 20 - 30mins

    All new staff

    Legal Compliance induction course

    This course will introduce you to the University’s approach to legal compliance and the tools and resources available to assist in meeting your legal compliance obligations.

    Estimated time to complete course: 20 mins

    All new staff

    Mental Health Awareness at the University of Adelaide

    This course comprises three modules to increase awareness of mental health, develop an appreciation for prioritising and implementing self-care and an understanding of individual and organisational rights, responsibilities and obligations.

    All new staff

    Environmental Sustainability on Campus

    This module highlighting how research and teaching at the University is shaping a sustainable future at Adelaide. It also describes the initiatives by the University and recommendations for all staff to practice in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

    Estimated time to complete course: 20 mins

    All new staff