New artificial intelligence expert group

Professor Simon Lucey, Director of the Australian Institute for Machine Learning has been appointed to the Artificial Intelligence Expert Group which will provide advice to the Department of Industry, Science and Resources. 

The group will focus on transparency, testing and accountability, including options for AI guardrails in high-risk settings, to help ensure AI systems are safe. 

Professor Lucey has a background in artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, and research spanning computer vision, machine learning, and robotics.

“I think it's a really positive step in the right direction for the country. AI is everywhere. And it's going to have an increasing impact on our businesses, our schools, but also our society. So it's a wonderful sign that the government's reacted in this way and realised that we have to put some frameworks in place. I'm really proud to be part of the group.”Professor Simon Lucey 

Read the full media release here.

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